Some of the amazing people who contributed greatly to this collection


Michelle Morgan is the author of this amazing book on Marilyn Monroe called 'Private and Undisclosed.'

It is the most comprehensive and brilliantly researched biography on this eternal legend ever written.

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Suzie Kennedy is the premier Marilyn Monroe lookalike and tribute artist in the world. She has gained incredible success due to her talent and does it all with style, class and brilliance.

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David Wills is the Author of this stunning visual feast. It is a  must have for any Marilyn fan.

He is a a great guy with a talent for the beautiful.

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Greg Schreiner is one of the leading Marilyn Monroe collectors and is a true advocate in maintaining Marilyn's legacy. A lovely guy and always willing to help where he can.

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Scott Fortner is the other leading Marilyn Monroe collector.His knowledge is unsurpassable and continues to inspire the Marilyn community with his blog.

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