It's September 2007 early evening and I am talking with a dear friend whom I'd lost contact with many years before... "Who would have thought that this man and this random reconnection would turn my world around: It did, please read on.

I was suddenly thrust into a world of glamour, sophistication and drama all surrounding a man named William Travilla or Billy as he was affectionately known. My initial findings were that Billy's claim to fame was dressing one of the world's leading icons, however this is such a small part of his contribution to the world of fashion and design. He dressed around 270 stars, designed for more than one hundred movies and TV culminating in him becoming an Oscar winning designer; it's now my absolute pleasure to re-connect the world with this god of the fashion world.

A very key player in this story is Mr Bill Sarris, partner and best friend of Billy's, he was bequeathed the collection on Billy's unfortunate passing in 1990. Bill has done very little with the collection since, in essence because many people are only interested in his very famous muse and not in making Billy the household name he deserves, this is Bill Sarris's wish and one I will carry out to the best of my ability. I cannot begin to explain the incredible trust Bill has shown me, very few times in life is such an unselfish act given so generously. The collection has never left the United States and is now in my keeping in the United Kingdom. Billy loved the UK and had a huge following here, he spent 3 months filming "Gentlemen Marry Brunettes" with Jane Russell in London and his couture line was huge, so we thought what a great place to start the tour.

andrew hansford

Bill and myself, New Years Eve 2007 Palm Springs.

There is one sad part to this story, Bill is suffering from Alzheimer's a disease that affects many people and is so very hard for the person suffering and the people around them. I promised Bill that I would make this collection a celebration of Billy's life but also help with this tragic illness, so part of the proceeds will go to the UK society of Alzheimer's here in England. It took six weeks from that phone call to showing his works in Brighton, England. The collection was a resounding success, so much so that I realised to do this man the justice he deserved, I needed to delve into his world and in doing so bring to you the incomparable talent of "Mr William Travilla".

As I am sure most of you know Travillas muse was Ms Marilyn Monroe both he and Bill were very good friends of hers throughout her life and I have been so privileged to hear the many fabulous anecdotes from Bill himself, I now have a great picture of her. It is so different from reading books or made up stories many of which I heard from Bill and bear no relation to what the history books tell us.

So in conclusion I want to thank from the bottom of my heart Mr Gregory Silva without whom this would never have happened our reconnection has changed my life in so many ways, Mr Giorgio Dimakas who looks after the collection in the US, worked with both Travilla and Bill and looks after Bill, a job he takes on unselfishly. Bill Saris whose life force is behind Travilla and whos generosity knows no bounds and Finally Mr William Travilla for without his genius this would have not been possible.

Thank you, Andrew

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