These are some of the kind and sincere comments from the exhibitions. These amazing comments make it all worth while. 

What a fabulous exhibition celebrating a fabulous woman. Made my husbands day. Brighton

A charming viewing and also Mr Andrew Hansford. Brighton

Amazing designs, for me the most beautiful woman - i am priviliged to have seen them. Thank you so much. Brighton

Rather lovely, it gave me warm fuzzies. Brighton

Lovely exhibition nice to see some dresses that were actually hers not fakes. Come to London please. Brighton

Fantastic show but makes you feel a little sad that she's not here anymore. Such glamour. Brighton

Flew in from Portugal to see this exhibition. Beautiful dresses for a beautiul lady. Look forward to seeing more in his dresses soon. Portugal

Awesome just awesome..... It brought Marilyn and the designer to life. My aunt Una Pearl was Marilyns stand it for The Prince and the Showgirl. Betchworth

Fantastic very interesting talk from Andrew. Brighton

One of the very few experiences one will remember for the rest of their lives. Words don't seem enough to explain the level of gratitude to Andrew and Billy. Thank you and god bless. Such happiness is seldomly experienced. Leeds

This is a fabulous collection, one that makes you wonder of what thought and work must have gone into making such magnificent dresses, these are truly remarkable. I am speechless, it has been a truly wonderful day. Leeds

Beautiful dresses, I am so pleased I was abe to see this history and many thanks to Andrew for talking about Marilyn and Travilla. Yorkshire

A wonderful collection brought alive by Andrew I could have stayed all day. I could have listened to Andrew all day.. Leeds

As a Marilyn fan I was completely absorbed by the collection. Please thank Bill for allowing me the opportunity to view his personal items and enjoy the history. Please do not allow the collection to be lost but give it the publicity it deserves. Thank you Andrew for your time and best wishes to Mr Bill Sarris. Leeds

Thank you so much for putting this together. To see these dresses was a thrill! It was lovely to meet Andrew - a perfect gentleman. Look forward to seeing you again in the future. The Marilyn community has your vision too. Leeds

Excellent exhibition - thanks very much Andrew and Bill for bringing us such treasure. Andrew thank you for your time, anecdotes and shared humour. Leeds

Absolutely fab - Andrew you have done him proud. Good luck. Leeds

Andrew is an absolute delight to talk to, he made the exhibition come alive for me. Leeds

Size zero's go and eat. This is glamour. Leeds
Fashion - tastic! Well set out. Bath
Please could we have more like this! Andrew Hansford brought it all to life with his knowledge and gossip. As a long tome Bath resident this was the most exciting eshibition I have seen here. Thank you! Bath
Travilla Exhibition was tres cool!!!!!!!  Bath
The  most liked exhibit at the Fashion Musuem "Travilla - Marilyn Exhibition".  Bath
I cant belive I had never heard of William Travills before.. I have now! Bath
Thank you Andrew for your talk with us. Please pass on our good wishes to Mr Bill Sarris. Bath
Great display, the descriptions made all the difference and and we loved the impassioned talk from Andrew. Bath
Wonderful to meet someone who loves fashion, but more importantly the people who create these works of art. I hope the tour raises awareness for both Travilla and Alzheimers.
Thank you for bringing this collection to Oslo. So interesting and Andrew was great... Book please
Oslo is honoured to have this collection. Marilyn's dad was from here. We think!
A dream come true. To meet this incredible designer and Andrew who brought him and Marilyn to life. Oslo